Network Working Groups – be a part of SPARC!

At the Network Summit (read the recap here) , three working groups were created by the participants to frame SPARC’s next steps and allow for more individuals to be involved in SPARC’s development.

The three working groups are Symposium, Outreach and Communications.

You can read an overview of the Working Groups and find the specific terms of reference for each of the Working Groups here.

We are looking for individuals (creators, presenters, producers and animateurs) within the performing arts in rural and remote communities in Ontario to join a working group that reflects their interests and/or expertise. We want to stress that these are indeed WORKING groups and, accordingly, there will be tasks and engagement expectations.

It should be noted that the Symposium working group will be focused on planning a SPARC Symposium for April 2016 in Haliburton. Individuals who are not located in Haliburton are very much welcome to join the working group – especially if they are interested in hosting a future Symposium in their community. It is the intention that a guide to planning and hosting the SPARC Symposium will be created, documenting the preparations for the 2016 SPARC Symposium, to allow and assist other communities in presenting a Symposium.

Individuals from across Ontario are welcome to contact SPARC for more information and/or to express interest in joining a working group.

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