SPARC’s Online Network is now Live!

Since the New Year, SPARC has been working on an Online Network platform. Its purpose is to provide creators, presenters, producers and animateurs  in rural and remote communities an ongoing way to meet, connect, share and collaborate to collectively sustain and grow the availability, diversity and quality of the performing arts of music, theatre, dance and media arts.

This Online Network is now live! Visit it here and sign-up,

Anyone can sign-up to become a member and post materials, comments, advice, promotions relating to the performing arts and rural and remote communities. This online network has been developed as a standalone component so that SPARC will own and retain all of the content, but based upon familiar social networks such as Facebook for ease of use.

SPARC Online offers:

• Member’s sign in via Facebook or standalone account creation
• Members/Organizational profiles with links to members/organization’s websites and social media
• The ability to post status updates, pictures and documents
• Join/start a Group for a particular topic – groups can be public/private
• Join/start a Forum for a particular topic
• Friend other members
• Send direct messages
• The ability to search posted content for keywords/topics
• The ability to view a map of members

SPARC has designed this Online Network to:

• Provide a space for creators, presenters, producers and animateurs to connect that removes distance and travel barriers
• Provide a space that is user-friendly through familiarity to Facebook, the most prevalent social network in rural communities
• Provide a space to collect and assess new innovations in the performing arts surrounding (but not limited to) audience development, grants, budgets, volunteers, touring, venues, producing, presenting etc
• Provide a space for newcomers, amateurs, volunteers, professionals to meet established, experienced mentors/coaches
• Keep the pulse of performing arts in rural and remote communities to better represent and provide advocacy on their behalf

 If you have any difficulties in navigating the Online Network or get an error – let us know! We will be tweaking the website as it populates. And please, remember its very new! If you don’t see a lot of other members, we suggest sending a link to your Networks/friends in rural performing arts and encouraging them to join. Strength in numbers!



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