What Is Sparc?


SPARC is a network whose purpose is to ignite and help sustain performing arts communities in rural Ontario.  The network has been designed so that it is owned, developed and controlled by YOU, the individuals, groups and organizations that make the performing arts happen in rural and remote areas.  You will inform the growth and evolution of SPARC over the next few years.

How SPARC evolves and grows over the next few years is up to you  – the amazing people that make the performing arts happen in our communities.


                                                                    SPARC + Fuel = Fire.

We are about to roll out our website, forum and blog, which have been created to provide a virtual space where the organizers of our rural performing arts scenes, can meet to exchange ideas, troubleshoot challenges and share solutions.

Bringing People Together


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It is our belief that a strong, vibrant network will significantly raise the profile of the Performing Arts in our rural communities and as a result increase our capacity to make awesome performing arts projects happen.  Over the next three years SPARC will be consulting with new and old friends.  We will be finding out ways in which our performing arts communities can collaborate with each other, locally and provincially.

Please get in touch if you would like us to visit your community.

                                      Symposium 2016:

sparc-symposium-widget-thumbEvery two years SPARC seeks to create the space for the presenters, creators, producers and animateurs of the performing arts world to gather in a specific location for a creative weekend of networking, problem solving and strategising.  This year we will be hosting the Symposium at the Pinestone Resort and Conference Centre, Haliburton, Ontario.  October 27th-30th 2016.  Places are still available but book now to avoid disappointment.                     

Performing Arts Education and Mentorship:

SPARC is committed to supporting performing arts education and mentorship initiatives that target new and emerging performing artists from our respective areas.  How do we pass on the torch to younger generations, what do they have to teach us and what can they learn from their community elders?

How to Get Involved.

Working Groups: We are looking for enthusiastic and experienced people to inform and potentially join our working groups.  The working groups are currently focusing on geographically expanding the SPARC network, near and far.  We will be doing this through a combination of physical outreach, our October symposium and developing our online media capacity.

Blogging : We are currently seeking guest bloggers and/or vloggers from rural performing arts backgrounds to contribute their experiences, wisdom, struggles and ideas to our online blog.  Please get in touch with Greg Thomas if you feel like you have an article, story or hot topic to share.


                                                                                                                                                                Photo Credit: James Elve


Become a constellation. 

SPARC’s ‘for us by us’ approach to the rural performing arts is based on the constellation model.  A ‘constellation’ in this sense is a concentrated local network which may be anything from 1 or 2 people in a local area to a group of thousands. These constellations then connect and feed into the larger Ontario wide constellation.  SPARC will be working hard to develop and design effective ways of linking local and regional constellations together.


Network Weaving:

In order for the performing arts scene to thrive we believe there needs to be people, services and systems that allow us to communicate with each other effectively.  This is the art of network weaving, how do we, strengthen ourselves and the whole? If you think you might have the answer, or want to find answers to this question, then welcome to SPARC!

Have we missed something?

SPARC has been designed by rural performing arts organizers for rural performing arts organizers.  If you feel there is something SPARC is missing or a role SPARC could be playing or assisting with, please get in touch.  We would love to hear from you whether you’re just starting out, or are well established; we look forward to meeting you and we hope you will join us on this exciting journey.

The SPARC team.

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