SPARC Network Coordinator Returns

We are delighted to announce that as of March 2017 Greg Thomas the SPARC Network Coordinator will be resuming his duties at SPARC albeit on a reduced schedule to begin with, in line with his recovery plan.

Greg would like to thank the SPARC family for all the support, well wishes and understanding sent his way following his serious car collision whilst cycling in September of last year.

Speaking with SPARC Greg Thomas said:

“Firstly I would like to thank Michael Clipperton, the Interim SPARC Network Coordinator for taking over the reins and growing the SPARC network exponentially in my absence.  It is amazing to see the energy created by the 2016 Symposium and the growth, potential and solidarity such a network can bring to those of us trying to grow the Performing Arts in our rural communities.”

Sadly the bike will be not be returning to work so quickly 🙁

Greg goes on to compliment the hard work done by the SPARC Network Steering Committee and the Symposium Planning Committee in bringing the rural performing arts scene closer together.

Greg will be spending the next month or so getting up to speed with the many developments SPARC has overseen, both to our virtual and physical network, in his time away.  He will be looking to reconnect with old and new friends across Ontario and helping to build on the important conversations, ideas and connections that have been made in the past 6 months.

“I cannot wait to get going again, it’s been a frustrating time spent on the sideline, but in the short time that I’ve been back I’m excited to see the huge progress being made and some of the amazing people making the Rural Performing Arts tick, getting involved with the SPARC network.”

Greg Thomas can be contacted at  Michael Clipperton will be staying on with us as the Chair of the SPARC Outreach committee and can be contacted at

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