Tomorrow’s World – Digitizing the Performing Arts

A brave new world and opportunity for rural communities. This important and extensive report from CAPACOA and Strategic Moves highlights the potential, challenges and current status of digital innovation in Canada from an Arts Presenting perspective.

Click on the link below to see the full report:

“We want equitable support for the development of digital strategies that are specific to the needs of individual organizations, artists and communities with subsequent investment to maximize digital capacity and infrastructure within arts organizations and foster the ability for organizations to connect and create communities of knowledge/communities of practice.”

The report includes useful Case Studies highlighting digital ‘Presenting’ innovations in the national and international field.

We’d love to get your ideas, reflections and questions on this fast changing world and how it relates to rural communities.  Could a holographic Tupac fill out your local township’s community centre with 90’s Hip Hop? Could the world of Semantic Markup allow us to find out what’s going on across the Province in the rural Performing Arts?  Could intelligent block booking systems help agents bring big music to small halls?  Will we all be sitting at home with our virtual reality headsets on?  What opportunities and challenges will this bring to our rural communities.

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