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Sometimes instead of posting our own “SPARC-created” content written by SPARC staff or guest bloggers from the SPARC community, we want to share posts written by other organizations or publications that we feel would be of interest to the SPARC community. In case you missed our Facebook post today or last Thursday, here are the blogs we shared:

Today (September 6, 2018)

A selection of blog posts from Arts for Children and Youth

With students returning to school this week, we want to share a selection of blog posts that focus on children and education through the arts. Arts for Children and Youth is a website that has “tried to create articles with actual examples to guide you in creating your own programs.”

The team behind these blogs firmly believe “in the value of artistic education for children that led us to create this site. Inside you’ll find articles that explore why a love of the arts is important for children and how it can help them grow into mentally healthy adults.The time to establish a love of the arts is as soon as your child is able to communicate in a meaningful way. This is the responsibility of both parents and educators.”

Let’s all start the new school year with a running, dancing, singing, expressively bold start! A new generation of artists and arts enthusiasts are ready to leap into play!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Asking Questions About Mental Health in the Arts” by Jenna Reid for Canadian Art

In this piece Reid reflects on the Workman Arts symposium “#BigFeels: Creating Space for Mental Health in the Arts”. 

Aimed at creating “positive connections in our communities through meaningful conversations, workshops, creative activities and exhibitions”, this event focused on unpacking ideas about mental health, equality, and caring for the well-being of everyone involved in artistic projects. We hope the big ideas help inspire our SPARC community to bring even more mental-health awareness into community activities and team-building practices!


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