Mission, Vision, Objectives & Guiding Principles


Performing Arts contribute to the vibrancy and well-being of communities. SPARC’s mission is to connect creators, producers, presenters and animateurs to sustain and grow the performing arts in rural and remote communities.


A vital network of creators, presenters, producers and animateurs in the performing arts that encourages communication and collaboration for the betterment of rural and remote communities.


  • To bring together rural and remote communities, regionally and nationally, to interact, share and collaborate in order to promote health and wellbeing through the performing arts
  • To build a network connecting the performing arts across rural and remote communities that is accessible, sustainable, easily manageable and vibrant
    To continuously identify, articulate and share challenges, solutions, needs and opportunities that will strengthen the performing arts
    To demonstrate the value of the performing arts in improving the social and economic health of communities
    To collect and curate resources and information that will support and enrich the performing arts

Guiding Principles:

Grassroots       Celebratory     Inclusive      Innovative

Collaborative      Pro-active    Sustainable      Open