Dance in the Highlands

Dance in Haliburton … from recitals with local youth to professionals dancing in the park, you will find dance happening in and around the Haliburton Highlands all year long. Haliburton is home to three dance schools featuring ballet, tap, jazz, musical theatre, highland dancing, hip hop, breakdancing and more. Dance workshops are also offered at the Haliburton School of The Arts. Each Christmas, local dancers present a full production of The Nutcracker at the Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavilion.

Goose Lake, Dusk Dances Haliburton 2011, Choreographed by Julie Barban, Dancers: JJ Kerr, Christine Bishop, Tamara Poropat, Sonya Flatman, Julian Anderson Photo credit: Barb Fraser.

Goose Lake, Dusk Dances Haliburton 2011 Choreographed by Julie Barban, Dancers: JJ Kerr, Christine Bishop, Tamara Poropat, Julian Anderson
Photo by Barb Fraser

Haliburton’s Head Lake Park is home to the annual Haliburton Highland Dance Competition with competitors from across the province and Dusk Dances Haliburton—an outdoor dance festival that features high quality contemporary dance—which includes professional touring dancers alongside local performers. The collaborative efforts of visiting and local choreographers and dancers have inspired the creation of a number of new works. With local productions of musical theatre and opera, dance also plays a role on the stage. Dance also plays an important role in providing recreational and creative activity for adults throughout the Highlands with Nia, Zumba, line dancing, ballroom dancing, and belly dancing.

We invite you to enjoy The Nutcracker at Christmas, Highland dancing, Dusk Dances in the park or a local dance school recital, dancing in the theatre, and opera. The public is welcome to participate in a myriad of dance classes and activities.

Dance is alive in Haliburton Highlands!