Film and Media Arts in Rural Communities

See the best from around the world from the top of the Highlands.

Media Arts SaveMooseOpening to sold out crowds over five years ago, THOSE OTHER MOVIES bring in the best of TIFF (Toronto’s International Film Festival) to our own local screens. In the autumn, enjoy the Haliburton International Film Festival (HIFF). Producers, actors, directors, writers, cinematographers have all travelled to the Highlands to both create and present their work.

Our stories have been captured by local productions, allowing our rich culture, history and stories to be shared with the world.

Save a moose. Shoot a movie.

At Fleming College’s School of the Arts, the public schools and active groups of all ages learn how to tell stories and use new media. Each fall, a competition encourages people to learn how to use new media and the breathtaking nature around us to tell our stories.

Lights. Camera. Action!