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Building Volunteer Capacity Lays the Foundations for Community

By Autumn Gambles, 2018 Sponsorship Director, New Liskeard Agricultural Society; 2018-19 Vice-Chair, Classic Theatre Cobalt Board of Directors   Through my experiences as a customer service representative, performance arts patron, and … [Read more]

The Gathering: Pluralism in Arts Practices – Contemporary Intersections

By Chandel Gambles, SPARC Northern Outreach Consultant The month of May was a great time to meet people. It seems networking opportunities have been flowing like maple syrup in April ever since! As soon as the SPARC symposium in Cobalt closed, we … [Read more]

Personal and Interconnected: On Remembering, Keeping Busy, and the SPARC Symposium 2018, Cobalt

By Felicity Buckell, SPARC Symposium 2018 Coordinator   I’ll dive right in, the personal and interconnected: here I am early yesterday evening in my garden (thank you, Bohdan, for the photo), during this intense heatwave, (clothed, but … [Read more]

You Are Never More Dangerous Than When You Are Trying To Help

The following post was written by Trevor Malcolm about the work being done by the Lollipop Guild in Windsor and Essex County. This group (and several other collaborators) received support from the Collaborative Community Initiatives Program to pay … [Read more]