Supporting Performing Arts in Rural & Remote Communities

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Waiting For It : Exploring Community Outreach through Play Development

By Curtis te Brinke Waiting For It is a play that began with a surprisingly simple question: What happens when a gay teenager tries to lose his virginity in rural Ontario? The first draft was easy. It stopped being easy right after. I wrote the … [Read more]

To SPARC Your Appetite

By Roger Sumner (Member of the Symposium Planning Committee) When SPARC’s Symposium Project Coordinator, Felicity Buckell first spelled out the acronym “SPARC,” I heard it as a command: “Support Performing Artists in Rural Communities!” …and I … [Read more]

Rebecca Represents SPARC at the N3 Arts Presenters Summit

By Rebecca Ballarin (Network Coordinator) If you follow us on Twitter or Instagram, you may have seen some of my updates from the N3 Arts Presenters Summit in Whitehorse last week. Michele Emslie (who facilitated our 2016 symposium) invited me to … [Read more]

SPARC Interviews… Steve Kozinski of Temiskaming Shores, ON

For the next interview in SPARC's new series, Steve Kozinski offers insight about his experience working with youth in one of the Digital Creator North labs in in Northern Ontario. While chatting with Chandel Gambles, Northern Outreach Consultant, he … [Read more]