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Re-Generation: A Haliburton Tale

By Michael Clipperton Theatre is not for the faint of heart. And that’s one of the reasons why I love the theatre. It’s all about the risk. With that in mind, I began writing a script in 2013 that focused on the history of Canada, as seen … [Read more]

The Culture of Community: Rebecca attends CAPACOA’s annual conference

I’m sure I’m not alone in my belief that sometimes the best way to learn is by jumping in. One week after joining the SPARC team I had the opportunity to attend CAPACOA –(Canadian Arts Presenting Association / l’Association Canadienne des organisms … [Read more]

Introducing Chandel Gambles: SPARC’s new Northern Outreach Consultant

Greetings all ye’ SPARC members! My name is Chandel Gambles and I am absolutely thrilled to be joining the SPARC team as the Northern Outreach Consultant. SPARC recognizes that Ontario is rather large, so it is mighty important that we ensure that … [Read more]

Introducing Rebecca Ballarin: SPARC’s new Network Coordinator

Hello members of SPARC: creators, presenters, producers, and community animators… movers n’ shakers, activators, collaborators, organizers, supporters, and think-outside-the-box-ers! My name is Rebecca Ballarin and I am SPARC’s new Network … [Read more]