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Collaborative Event Creation as a Model for Living in a Time of Crisis

The following post was written by Emily Pearlman, about 'Almonte Lights the Way'; one of the projects that received support from SPARC's Collaborative Community Initiatives program in June 2019.   To learn more about the projects the CCI program … [Read more]

Jason attends Creefest 2019

By Jason Manitowabi, Northern Outreach Coordinator Part of my role as the Northern Outreach Coordinator is trying to understand, as best I can, the conditions that Northern artists work in. Therefore when I was planning a networking trip this … [Read more]

Jason attends Riddu Riddu: An International Indigenous Festival

By Jason Manitowabi, Northern Outreach Coordinator “Would you like to attend the Riddu Riddu Festival next month?” As a new presenter, I’m starting to get more of these opportunities lately; Nipissing for the Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance … [Read more]

About The Rivers Speak Story: A Community-Created Documentary Film

The following post was written by Miranda Bouchard, Acting Artistic Director of Thinking Rock Community Arts. Thinking Rock's community-created documentary film received support from SPARC’s Collaborative Community Initiatives Program last … [Read more]