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All Things Technical: Event support, video production & live streaming of the #Cobalt2018 symposium

By Drew Gauley (Member of the Symposium Planning Committee)   The Kobold: Superstitious miners believed these creatures to be expert metal workers who could be heard constantly drilling, hammering and shoveling. Some stories claim that … [Read more]

#Cobalt2018 Symposium: Workshop Announcement!

Excitement has been mounting amongst members of the SPARC team and Symposium Planning Committee as the final few pieces of the workshop schedule have been falling into place. Today we want to share that excitement with you! Instead of a traditional … [Read more]

Connecting Community Members Through the Arts: The Friendship Project

By Kaitlyn Patience, Arts Coordinator, Arts Milton In the summer of 2017 Arts Milton became aware of project funding under the Government of Ontario's Multicultural Community Capacity Grant Program. The motivation to apply for this funding came … [Read more]

SPARC Interviews … Marie Zimmerman about the Guelph Fab 5

The Guelph Fab 5 are five arts festivals in the Guelph area that have formed a unique collaborative model founded on co-presenting and co-producing. Comprised of the Guelph Dance Festival, the Hillside Festival, the Guelph Jazz Festival, Eden Mills … [Read more]