Q & A

What is an Open-Space Discussion?

All youth events are designed using an ‘Open-Space’ discussion concept. This means discussions and gatherings rely on the participation of individuals who have similar passions and interests in the general themes. Topics of discussion are open, flexible, and adaptable.

Can I attend the Youth portion of the symposium without registering or attending the SPARC program?

No, not at this time. The Youth engagement program is a supplementary program to the SPARC symposium. Those attending the youth gatherings need to be registered for the full symposium. See SPARC ‘Registration’ for details.

Does attending the Youth program cost additional money?

No, participation does not have an additional charge. Attendance of the Youth portion of SPARC will be included in the regular SPARC registration fee. See SPARC ‘Registration’ for details.

Can I attend both SPARC’s programming and the Youth program?

Yes. The Youth programming has been specially designed to work with and around the SPARC schedule. Participants wont miss a thing!

What age do I need to be to attend?

SPARC considers youth to be individuals between the age of 16 and 30. The Youth program is limited to participants between these ages.

If I am a youth registered for SPARC, do I have to attend the Youth programs?

No. Participation in the youth programing is entirely voluntary. You may register and attend SPARC without attending the gatherings.