Theatre in the Highlands

Our Town, Highlands Summer Festival Photo by Lorna Campbell

Our Town, Highlands Summer Festival Photo by Lorna Campbell

The Haliburton Highlands has a rich tradition of live theatre. From the earliest days, the communities would host travelling troupes of performers or, more likely, community groups would mount their own productions in church basements and town halls. Live theatre has always been a vital part of rural Haliburton County life.

That tradition continues today with a variety of theatre companies offering a full selection of stage productions. Comedies, (always lots of comedies), musicals, revues, dramatic productions and more….you’re usually not far away from something theatrical happening on stage and outdoors.

With cast and crew drawn from the community, the local theatre companies have fostered the growth and interest in theatre arts. In particular, young people, some as young as seven, have been encouraged to take part. As a result, a number of performers who stepped out on a stage here for the first time, are now successful members of the professional performing arts community in Canada and beyond.

Here in the Highlands we have just the ticket when it comes to a full spectrum of theatre experiences.

Come, see what’s behind the curtain!