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Songs Of Comfort And Joy

A photo of a computer screen - zoom style meeting. People are pictured singing

by SPARC Youth Blogger Dallis Campbell Maintaining opportunities in the arts in rural communities is a growing challenge. In the last few years it has become important to me to do what I can to create those opportunities, with help from others in … [Read more]

Supporting diversity within the rural theatre community

5 arms stretch inwards so that the hands are on top of each other. They are over a desk with a laptop and papers on.

The final blog in a series of three from Guest Blogger Rebecca Anne Bloom I never grew up and saw myself as a ‘colour.’ Race was something I learned about, yet I didn't consider myself to be anything but ... myself. It wasn't until I was in the … [Read more]

Hippo Puppets & Joy!/Marionnettes Hippopotames

Samantha sits between two large puppets of two hippos - George and Martha (Martha is on the left and George on the right). Samantha smiles broadly.

The final blog in a series of three from Samantha Marchionda writing on behalf of Carousel Players I’m writing today from the traditional land of the Haudenosaunee, the Anishnaabe, the Neutral and Wendat peoples. I thank them and all other … [Read more]

From Typical Country Hockey Kid to Emerging Artist

By SPARC Youth Blogger Darian Willis-Maddock Have you ever wondered where to find local, young artistic and creative talent in your rural community? Have you ever considered checking at your local arena?  What could a young typical country hockey … [Read more]