Supporting Performing Arts in Rural Communities

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Indigenous Art and Context in Rural Australia

Fascinating article form Arts Hub exploring how the Desert Mob Symposium is deepening the relationship between artists and audience. Indigenous languages in Australia do not have a directly translatable word for ‘art’. Rather than a singular act … [Read more]

ACI Manitoba – Workshop Opportunity for Rural Presenters: Webinar or Winnipeg

If anyone from Ontario's North Far West fancies popping over the border into Winnipeg, The Arts and Cultural Industries Association of Manitoba is hosting the following workshop for Rural Presenters. Cultural Event Management for Rural Presenters on … [Read more]

Tomorrow’s World – Digitizing the Performing Arts

A brave new world and opportunity for rural communities. This important and extensive report from CAPACOA and Strategic Moves highlights the potential, challenges and current status of digital innovation in Canada from an Arts Presenting … [Read more]

Reversing Rural to Urban Migration

An interesting story out of Greece, discussing an upsurge in young professionals returning to the land in the wake of the economic crisis: "Alexandros isn't alone in his thinking. For the first time in 20 years, employment in the agricultural … [Read more]