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Why Faith and the Arts should Cohabitate

Today on our blog we want to share a post written by Kendra Fry - a Regeneration Works advisor working on the Regeneration Works: Places of Faith project (a partnership between Faith and the Common Good and the National Trust). This project offers … [Read more]

SpiderWebShow: Thought Residencies

This week for our blog post, I want to share SpiderWebShow's "Thought Residencies". If you are unfamiliar with SpiderWebShow, it is "the first and only nationally-driven performing arts website of its kind in Canada. It is a practice-based network … [Read more]

Rural Resilience: Some thoughts on Rural Talks to Rural 2018

by Eric Goudie, SPARC Network Steering Committee Member   Blyth Ontario’s Centre for Rural Creativity is a lot like SPARC. It’s focused on rural communities, it’s arts-based, and when I walked into the Blyth Memorial Community Hall for the … [Read more]

2018 Folk Music Ontario Conference

By Mike Martyn,  SPARC Network Steering Committee I attended the 2018 Folk Music Ontario (FMO) Conference, held near Toronto’s Pearson Airport, for a couple of days at the end of September, ostensibly as a panellist for SPARC. It was not my first … [Read more]