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Celebrating youth on #WorldTheatreDay

Join SPARC in celebrating youth on #WorldTheatreDay, March 27, 2017. Below is a message from Theatre Ontario's Youth Advisory Committee with all the details on how to recognize this day and engage your community in empowering, and providing … [Read more]

SPARC Network Coordinator Returns

We are delighted to announce that as of March 2017 Greg Thomas the SPARC Network Coordinator will be resuming his duties at SPARC albeit on a reduced schedule to begin with, in line with his recovery plan. Greg would like to thank the SPARC family … [Read more]

What Is Sparc?

WHAT IS SPARC? SPARC is a network whose purpose is to ignite and help sustain performing arts communities in rural Ontario.  The network has been designed so that it is owned, developed and controlled by YOU, the individuals, groups and … [Read more]

SPARC Press Release June 22nd 2016

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