Supporting Performing Arts in Rural Communities

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Rural Youth Shine at ROC’n’Revue

Written by guest blogger Krista Dalby In the heart of Prince Edward County, Ontario, youth are finding their voices - and the community is listening! It’s all thanks to The ROC, an organization that provides opportunities and creates connections … [Read more]

Memberships, Symposiums, and Funding Support: Paying Off in Both the Long and Short Terms!

By Chandel Gambles, SPARC Northern Outreach Consultant Registration for Translation: The SPARC Symposium is now open, and we can hear the sharp intake of breath across Ontario. “How will we afford the registration?” “We are volunteers.” “We … [Read more]

Show Swappers: A SPARC Collaborative Community Initiatives Project

By Eric Goudie The goal of SPARC (Supporting Performing Arts in Rural Communities) is to be a catalyst for the collaboration of creators, presenters, producers and community animators in rural and remote communities across Ontario. This past Fall … [Read more]

2018: New Year, New Fund! Introducing SPARC’s Collaborative Community Initiatives Fund

Collaboration is at the very core of SPARC. Our belief is that the performing arts in rural and remote communities across Ontario flourish when people are connecting, communicating and collaborating. Our mandate reflects this: To be a catalyst for … [Read more]